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I just saw your post about ironwood folder scales. Are you looking to piece them out, or are you wanting to sell them all together? I don't make a ton of folders and don't need 15 sets. But if you are wanting them gone, I can offer you $150 for them.


First time post for magazine Knives Illustrated.
I would imagine it's simply a paid ad agency posting but also the members here might get some exposure and that, to me, offsets the spam.
I'll see what they do in the future.
Hi opaul,
I have a question for you. Did I send you a link for a WIP that I did on Bladesmith's Forum? I am suspended from the site and my computer says the site is suspicious. I hope you did not have any problem with the site or any computer problems. Please let me know.
BTW, your puukko work started out with home runs.
All the best,
John Myshkoff
Hi there, I saw that you had bought the XP-720 and was wondering how that was working for you. It is a lot lower power than the other models so does it actually give a good etch? Thanks!
Alden Cole
Alden Cole
Ok, cool thank you. I am not sure yet which way to go, but once you get the stencils I would definitely like to know if it works well.
I got some stencils from TUS and I don’t have any real etchant yet but just using some salty water it worked great. These were just etched as they’ll be in a heat treat finish area so no need to blacken but about four 5 second cycles which I think was a little hot so let’s say 6 3 second cycles gave a deep etch.
Alden Cole
Alden Cole
Thank you!
Any chance your screen name honors the WW2 submarine USS Kete SS369? I'm a former surface sailor FTG2 USS Chicago CG-11. I made the first two Vietnam cruises and discharged 8/68.
Not a Bubblehead, ;-)), but did serve in Nam. Was USN Intel back then. Lost the Intel along the way and now just make a few knives here and there.... at a loss.
But, I have fun learning and doing!
The SS are my initials and the 369 is just a number sequence I like.

Hey, thanks for your service.

New knife maker.Just getting started. I am a tool maker. Always had an interest in making knives. Taking the plunge!
Welcome,you should be able to make great knives being a tool and die maker especially folders,I have a 14x40 lathe and a 9x 42 mill and use them foe every thing I can, makes a big difference in your fits and the time it takes. Lots of info on here and lots of people to help. Deane
I have 114 Westinghouse rag micarta pulleys 3.5” diameter. .440 thick are you interested in a big order. I have 100 more to purchase. I have several makers wanting them. I can sell them for14.00 1-9 10.00 for 10 -20. And 8.50 for any over 20
Hello Ed,

Sorry to bother you but I would certainly appreciate your comments and thoughts on my forge build if you have the time.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Joe Cross
Hi Bob. Where in Montana aremyiu located? I'm in Missoula. There are multiple knife Maker's across the state.
I live about 15 miles north of Bozeman.
Ah, I just saw your other posting here, funny you noticed that user name. Ya, I'm indeed EmptyBob. Someday perhaps I'll learn enough to be FullBob.:D
Check out Local knife club if you're interested.
Retired in 2016, we have an in internet based stabilized wood business that we started many years ago. Wood offered includes reel set blanks, rod handle and game call blanks and knife scale blocks at this time. Website: Email us at Located near Durand, Illinois.
If I can get your regular email, I can send you the bylaws draft that we have. The IRS was helpful by giving you an exact phrase to have in your bylaws to help get 501c(3) status.