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    Tracking problem on Delta 1x42

    Hey shorton - I'm around occasionally :) Started my own Chiropractic office which keeps me busy and with little time for hobbies. I will send you a PM with the contact info of who I got the wheels from. There was a post on here from RSMITH that I don't know why it's gone. Also, the main...
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    Toxic Geek Straight Razor

    Very unique, brother! Interesting take, starting with thin stock and adding the Ti frame... Set in PCB scales - right up my alley ;-)
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    Anyone else having problems with Norton Blaze...

    I know it's on the "other" site, but Stacy Apelt recommended cubitron 50 grit belts (yellow) and I picked up a couple but haven't used them much to form an opinion, but they definitely seem to get the job done as well as my blaze belts...
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    Proper heat Treat on 1095 or Just voodoo

    HERE's an interesting read for ya (on the "other" forum...) on the HT of 1095... And the 1095 HT page on Kevin Cashen's site...
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    2nd annual KD July KITH

    So we have till the 15th to have the knife completed? I was actually checking the thread so I could remove myself from the list. Being in med school I was planning on using this break to finish up my knife but I've had pneumonia that has truly kicked my ass and kept me in bed or at the...
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    Suggestions for cutting Muskox Horn

    Hey Brother, not seeing too many people chime in here so I thought I would offer some direction. Not advice, mind you, as I've never touched musk ox, but 2 great guys you can contact and ask who have lots of experience are: Wayne Jarrett Jarrett Knives Forum Mark Knapp...
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    2nd annual KD July KITH

    I don't know about you guys but I'm getting pretty excited about this!
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    World's best thread about grinders...

    I'm excited to be building a GIB, hopefully this week! Ordered all my accessories from Tracy and that's all I'm waiting on so here's to hoping!
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    Still need a good finish for wood

    CA = cyanoacrylate AKA superglue :)
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    Still need a good finish for wood

    I've found that with oils if you really want them to shine (especially like CA) then you better be prepared to do many, many coats and to do them correctly. I have done the following process on a couple knife handles and they turned out great, but boy did it take a while. By the way, this is...
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    Would someone be willing to help me out????

    What were your questions? I built my oven, found all the parts/bricks locally (except elements) and have been very happy with it... I know you said you had your questions answered, Keith, but what were they, and what were the answers, in case it is gonna help another dog out?
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    2nd annual KD July KITH

    I'm in as well! Thanks for organizing this, Sean!
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    New - Custom Razor in Damascus and Curly Koa

    That turned out fantastic! Those scales go so well with that damascus!
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    Stabilizing Input Wanted....

    Just checked out your website - quite impressive!
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    Knife #12 WIP - Asian Influence??? - PHOTO HEAVY

    Lookin' great, Erin!