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    Been Busy for a while, missed you guys. Here is why.

    Jim, I haven't been a lot lately so I just saw your post. My wife just passed her 5th year cancer free mark so we know we can win over the demon. We pray for your wife's healing and God's peace to both of you. Carey
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    KD July KITH official picture thread.

    Glad to hear you got it Sean. I was beginning to think maybe the strike was back on or it got held up in customs. May you use it in good health my friend. Carey
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    Homemade grinder with very limited budget?

    Steinmann, In case you haven't noticed, those of us who live in the US a more than a little spoiled and take our abundant resources for granted. As far as a tension spring is concerned, if you can find a spring from a trampoline like the children jump on, I'm sure that would be plenty strong...
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    KD July KITH official picture thread.

    OK, I finally got over being mesmerized by the knife I got from Josh Danby. The pictures he showed were just a nice tease for how nice this knife really is. Josh, I hope you will be happy to know that it now has a special place out of harm's way on the kitchen counter and I gave it a test run...
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    KD July KITH official picture thread.

    OK, so I'm late posting a picture but I'm going to try to get one posted anyway. Model III stock removal skinner of differentially heat treated 1084 high carbon steel. 2 3/4" blade, 6 1/2" overall. Camel bone scales with copper pins. Hope it meets your approval. :5: Carey
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    KD July KITH official picture thread.

    Sorry for not posting for so long but stuff keeps happening. I do have a knife ready so keep my name in the hat. I'll try to get a picture up later. Carey
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    2nd annual KD July KITH

    Boy did I drop the ball on this. I've been out of touch for a while but I have a knife for the KITH. Just let me know where it needs to go. Carey
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    My Military Build Effort

    Thanks for the info Cal. I appreciate it. Carey
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    RIP Seamus Emerson Reuther

    I can not imagine anything that world be harder to bear than the lose of a child. My prayers and best wishes go out to Ed and his family. Carey
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    I've been making these for a couple years

    Those are really nice Bruce. I imagine it takes a lot of looking to find enough good silver utensils to keep up production. Carey
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    The things we do for love... Also a wood quiz!

    Charlie, I think I know what a couple of them are but my best guess on a few of them is 'tree wood'. I'd love to play but that's the best I could do. Carey
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    Will head bolts work?

    It's amazing what you can learn around here. I would never have guessed that head bolts stretch and are supposed to be replaced if loosened. I'm probably never going to mess with any but it's still neat that I learned something new. Carey
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    An Odd One

    I can see where there would be a lot of head scratching going on there. Well done, Carey
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    My Military Build Effort

    I should have read both posts before asking a question in the other one. Looks good. Carey
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    Another knife for a soldier

    Nice knife Cal. The blade coating looks real interesting. Care to tell us about it? Carey