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    Knifedogs hammer in slip joint

    Great job Justin!
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    First Forged Knife

    Looks great Justin. Nice pics also. Doug
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    First time with kydex, eyelet trouble.

    I think you may be correct in saying that the rivets may be to long. I use the same dies. I just did some and the rivets were barely sticking through the backside and it worked well for me. I put the female end in the vice then strike the other die with a hammer sort of like holding a punch. Add...
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    Illinois Ivory Ban Bill Defeated

    Doug, Thank you so much for knife rights help with this defeat and unfortunately many more. In turn i have joined your org. with a membership to help support your efforts.
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    Feather Hunter for the Badger Show

    Hi Bill, Looks great! I will stop buy and say hello.
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    Cramer Stag 4 1/2" Backpocket

    I like that Brent. Thanks for showing us some pics.
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    finished zulu slipjointa

    Hey Calvin thanks. yes a improvement for sure. First its in my house not the work barn. Its a real help with spring to blade relation and i also use it for finishing off the scales. Coupled with my disc sander i can get much done in one area.
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    finished zulu slipjointa

    Hello All, I have been busy lately. Really embracing the knifemaking hobby. Finished my horizontal grinder build and this slipjoint. I believe its #5. Thanks for looking. I also threw in a kit knife i dressed with stag. I dont count them though.
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    My first lock back build

    Nice Calvin. That is a beauty!
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    example of 2" "rash", 1" wheel and using a Sharpie to help see where you're grinding

    I have a 1' Wheel i havent even tried yet. This is encouraging boss. I originally got it for small folder blades? Its just hard for me to give up that flat grind.
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    Hand tools

    I get them through the jewelry supply house but found them online. I Just cut a 1" strip from a regular PC of abbraisive sandpaper but...
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    Hand tools

    I had to contour some bolsters on a slip joint i am working on and wondered if other people might want to check out my method. Having a strong jewelry making background i use a file and a some sanding sticks. The sticks use a 11" strip that are quickly changed out. Great for a little contour...
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    WIP The most EPIC kitchen knives ever! WIP

    Hi Randy,I like the results you got with the mokume. Knife looks great. Is your wife asking for any to make jewelry from? Thanks for sharing.
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    Finishing Plunge Cuts on the Grinder (How I do it)

    Thanks Ed. I pretty much had The same problem as Jim above. Thanks for that tip. Looking forward to cleaner plunges.
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    Hunting season 2014

    Great Pics Mike! Phone pics just dont do them justice.