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    Might see a familiar face on Season 2 of Historys Knife or Death.

    Can't wait to see you compete. Very interested in seeing what you made and how it and you perform. People like you are the reason I enjoy helping others who are new to the craft.
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    Basics of Drill Selection

    Here is a good video for those of you with questions about types, coatings, & angles of drill bits. This video gives you the information needed to properly select drills for your needs. The only thing that I will add is that no matter what type of drill you choose, using the proper speed & feed...
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    Made a knife for my son

    Man, where does time go? I can remember when that little feller was wearin' diapers and now he has his very own knife. Good job Justin.
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    Tactical Hunter

    Lookin' good as usual Justin. Don't worry about the AEB-L. It is plenty tough for a knife of that size.
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    Big Camp Bowie

    Excellent job as usual. Love the long clip. It reminds me more of a Fighter than a Camp but its cool either way. Especially if you get in a fight at the camp.:p
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    Homemade handle material.

    To each his own but I can't figure out why anyone would want to waste time and money making Micarta when you can buy it dirt cheap. Sure, some of the colors are pricier than others but they're still cheap compared to the time and money spent making it. Especially when you wind up with something...
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    Dust collector

    You're welcome to come over to my shop and see my system in person.
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    Wrought iron ??

    In short, yes. The more you forge wrought iron, the less the grain stands out. If its flat bar and close to final dimensions, I would grind it. It its round bar , forge it flat and cut/grind it to final dimensions. Having said that, people forge it all the time but in my experience, the less...
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    Air Conditioned Shops

    My clean room is in my house so its always cool or warm. My dirty room is in my shop and its 12' X 20' and I put in a window unit that heats and cools. It keeps it comfortable year round. Filters need changing pretty often and I clean the coils twice a year. I also strap a filter to the back of...
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    M390 Sendero with dyed Black Ash burl.

    You're right, its been a while, too long as a matter of fact. Looking forward to it.
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    M390 Sendero with dyed Black Ash burl.

    Thanks for all the compliments guys.
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    M390 Sendero with dyed Black Ash burl.

    Its probably my favorite all around steel right now. It takes a very keen edge and holds it for a LONG time. I carried the first M390 test blade I made for about 14 months and used it to cut anything and everything I needed to cut. I didn't abuse it but I didn't baby it either and in that time...
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    M390 Sendero with dyed Black Ash burl.

    Some of y'all know that I hate taking, editing, & posting pics but I thought I'd show this one off. As stated, the blade is B/U M390 @ Hrc-62 with a 400 grit belt finish. 416 SS guard & pins. Dyed & stabilized Black Ash burl with mortised construction. 5" cutting edge. 1.25" edge to spine. 5"...
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    Advice on nail nick

    f you're forging, you can bend the blade, cut the nick in with a file, straighten the blade back out, & viola, a perfect nail nick.