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    New Knife Making TV show on History Channel this fall....

    Can't wait for it to start
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    Grinding jig Tutorial

    it is a great vid
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    Poor Man's surface grinder

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    Thanks folks

    way to go Scott
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    Ferrum flos WIP

    great job hope we get to see you finish it.
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    Square wheel parts

    Thanks Ed. I have one and was wondering why I couldn't find advice on the old girl.
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    Final edge grinding tips?

    sorry I missed the second page of posts. I like4 the idea of the upper part of the belt and the bubble jig. If anyone knows how to slow my grinder down would help,it was fine 20 years ago.
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    Final edge grinding tips?

    what kind of jig do you use. I have a wilton square wheel and there is no slowing the old girl down.
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    Final edge grinding tips?

    when you use the slack part of the belt,do you still have the edge up or do you do it facing down.
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    Jane Fonda Memorial Wall

    The whole class of 70 will load for you tom
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    Ostap Hel - Custom Knives & Designs

    very nice
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    New Shop!

    great shop and love the poster
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    Tutorial for a bowie

    I second that
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    Laddered W's, Desert Ironwood Burl and Stag Hunter

    very nice, the butt cap sets it off with real style.