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    Controls on H/T ovens

    When I bought my oven the TAP controller was the same price as the original.... So more functionality for the same price I'm all in.... ymmv
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    Rust on garage door help.

    Maybe try vacuuming up the dust instead?
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    Is there a tool for this?

    Some snap ring pliers are slip jointed so as to be interchangeable between inside and outside snap rings. They will come apart easily. Years ago I used to play as a mechanic so I have a couple 3 sets in my tool box. Indispensable at times, other wise....? ymmv
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    How Long Does your LN2/Dewar Last?

    Sounds positively monstrous, must be like 90 liters or so?
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    It's Nice To Have Support

    I have this Jet model from a number of years back, though I didn't pay anywhere near that price for it. It's a pretty good saw. Though I think some of the newer models are coming with carbide guides instead of roller bearings.
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    Father son set

    Very nice!
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    VFD/Motor Questions

    Here's a useful chart for sizing the pipe to wire gauge. If it's PVC hopefully they used at least 1 inch....
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    Does Dykem have a shelf life?

    My can I've been working on for the better part of 5 years here in the southern Arizona desert, so far so good!
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    VFD/Motor Questions

    In my brief experience an 8 gauge 3-conductor copper wire extension cord for 30 amps @ 30-50 ft shouldn't be an issue, use 6 gauge for 50 amps or just for an extra safety margin! My 3 phase 2 hp grinder only pulls about 7 amps on startup and a bit less when just running, 8 gauge is fine...
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    Mechanical Engineer designed his chef knife.

    I really like the overall shape and layout. I agree it maybe has a bit too much curvature in the belly. But if he is fairly tall or his counter top fairly low it may be perfect. Could also angle the handle down a bit to alleviate the curvature a bit? I'm 6'2" and like to cook as well, I think I...
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    push knife

    Not a big fan of push knives but that is beautiful!
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    THAT is a sharp knife.

    that'll buff right out!
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    I’m okay but here are two things to avoid.

    Glad you are okay! Seems there are accidents waiting to happen most everywhere... A few years back I was uncoiling a band saw blade when it snapped open and tattooed a cool 18 TPI stitch across my nose. An inch higher and it would have been my eyes!
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    KMG Shipping Delays

    Well it's cool you got the grinder, gotta love that! Sorry you had the issues you've had, seems pretty much the norm with all the issues currently happening in our country. Hope it gets sorted soon!