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    New Knife Making TV show on History Channel this fall....

    It's about time they had something worth watching on TV. I can't wait to see how its covered.
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    New Knife Making TV show on History Channel this fall....

    I'm on pins and needles; no, that's wrong. Anyway, finally there will be something to watch on TV.
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    Giveaway! Bali Kit -- 2 Balisong Kits giveaway

    Since I'm presently working on two rifles, it should not be a problem to get it together, should I win.
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    Thanksgiving Wish To All

    I would like to wish all a good and comfortable Thanksgiving. May your turkey not explode when put into the fryer, May your weather be mild, May all your sports teams win, May you have gathered about you your dear friends and relatives, May you not want, May you be of good cheer & health, and...
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    My AG's Knife Event Spoils

    Good to see you in Rogers. It was a good show. I got to see David Yellowhorse who inlaid a Lairson camp knife from the show two years ago. There were a lot of old friends to see at a better pace, and quieter, than the Blade. They even put me on the radio and gave me a Tee shirt. Life is good...
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    Is your collection worth more this year than last?

    Amen. Other than the fact that I bought a large number of production knives and over 25 custom knives, it might have shrunk. If I ever get my inventory up to date I might be able to ascertain what I have. My wife gave up trying to get me to record everything years ago. It's not like I'm...
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    'Lost Knifemaker' pix and question.

    Ken was a member of the Knifemakers Guild and the Florida Knifemakers Association. I could find no recent information on him. Jim
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    unknown custom(?) knife

    Looks like a scout knife with custom scales to me. Jim
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    Anyone know about Cross Forge Knives?

    Thanks, I'll check them out. Jim
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    Anyone know about Cross Forge Knives?

    A couple of weeks ago I picked up a knife at a North Florida auction. The blade and guard are damascus. It appears to have a buffalo horn spacer and a handle of what seems to be fossil ivory. I was told it was walrus. The end cap is nickel silver and it has a well made leather sheath. The blade...
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    4-bar construction, p-weld kindjal

    Great looking, is there a sheath? Jim
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    Stabilized Box Elder Give-Away !!

    Very nice, I've a blade they'd look excellent on. Count me in, please. Jim
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    Just Because Give Away - Arkasas Black Stone

    Knife Dogs is best. I've been using a stone with the corner chipped off for the last 29 years. Black Arkansas rules (and removes the dull). Jim
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    The knife came yesterday. Fit and finish is really ace and boy does it fill the hand. You could work with it all day and never get a blister. Real eye candy for the deer camp. Jim
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    HHH Custom Damascus with walrus ivory

    Just got the knife yesterday and it's a real beauty. I think it'll do desk service for awhile or until I can find a covey of quail. Jim