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    Needle files regular steel or diamond files

    Gesswein has a large selection of the Grobet Swiss Pattern Files. They offer many configurations of each file. Not cheap but very good and long lasting as I have used. I agree with Steve Miller's comments on shapes, but I would add a small half round...
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    Old Guy Makin' Damascus

    Wow beautiful work!
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    USA Knifemaker Website questions

    Knife kits dot com. I have had good results with this one as well as USA Knifemaker.
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    Morland Picture Gallery

    I was thinking recently that pins in the pommel would be very interesting. I had not seen it till now. I like the idea and the look.
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    I have a problem a wood addiction problem

    Spalted dyed apple:
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    Stabilized Wood?

    I have probably 200 scales in stock and most are stabilized. Some natural and some dyed. I bought most of mine from guys that do a lot of stabilizing for pen blanks and game call blanks. I have had good luck with all of my material and never really had any issues with it. Great to work with...
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    Kissaki-Moroha-Zukuri Tanto...

    Really outstanding.
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    What kind of tongs?

    Check out this guy Super to deal with, he has a great pattern for knife tongs that really work well. He is in Taiwan but ships all over the world no problem Great service.
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    Forge opinions

    Any one with experience on this one? Any benefit or advantage to a round vs. the oval design?
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    An appeal / Photobucket just committed suicide!

    Also went with post image.
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    Tru Oil vs. Ca

    What is reccomended for scales that are of stabolized wood? Will the oil finish work?
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    w2 Hunter with Koa and Ebony

    Great looking scales. What finish do you have on these? Neil
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    Piggyback sheath

    What is the scale material, very interesting.