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    Hey Dogs !

    Don't remember if I said HELLO here when I joined this Forum awhile back. How rude that is. At least a tail wag should have occured. Made a few straight knives in my life and have been collecting for quite some time. Do P/T sharpening of most any edge tool. Glad to be here and still learning...
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    What's your production EDC today?

    Today a Spyderco Caly 3 CFP. Nice size for an EDC. Had to try out the ZDP-189 blade steel. Other days Small Sebenza with Canvas Micarta or Lone Wolf DA Diablo. So many to carry and so little time.
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    Grinder RPM & Grinding belt tension

    Check this site out. Pulley and Bely infomatiom calculator.
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    persian d.a

    That is one good looking knife.
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    First knives ever.

    Thanks. I used Micarta for other applications then and felt they would be a good handle material. I bought a book after I made these DUH! not the proper order of things. I had milling machines, lathes, Bur King grinder etc. in the shop and do not have all these machines at hand now. Don't...
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    First knives ever.

    Here are a few of the knives I made about 20 years ago. Didn't know anything about making knives at that time as you can see. Had a lull at work and gave it a shot. Took about three weeks to finish 7 knives and another week to make sheaths for each. No mfg. parts were purchased for any of the...
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    More Siska's!!!!!

    Great collection. They do outstanding work. Keep them coming.
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    Let's se what you're carrying today- EDC

    Just grabbed this from my tray today. It from Linville Knife & Tool Model 0100 Hi-Tech Folder. It came with Cocobolo scales and a nylon pouch. Has a pocket clip. I made these scales out of Rosewood which I like better. It was the cover knife on Blade Mag in 2006.
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    What are your favorite production folders?

    The Lone Wolf Diablo DA or Small Sebenza with Micarta inlays
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    H.J. Vieli A6

    This was a birthday present from my family 11 years ago. Still one of my favorites. Went to his shop to pick it up. He change it after I had it awhile to a tip down.
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    Favorite EDC Knife

    My EDC for the last 6 months has been The Lone Wolf Diablo DA. Cant say enough about this knife. My other is a Chris Reeves Small Sebenza with Micarta Inlays.
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    Welcome to our friends from

    Never too many knife forums. Best wishes for this one.