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    USMC inspired EDC

    Thanks Jim!
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    USMC inspired EDC

    Kevin, thanks, glad you like it. I am not sure what you mean about the backstrap though. The pommel was simply rough out on the KMG and then refined with files and sandpaper. I did use the mill to hollow it out a bit for weight reduction. Is that what you meant?
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    USMC inspired EDC

    Here is a pic of the sheath with a quick brass key I made to take it apart without marring the nut. Thanks again for looking.
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    USMC inspired EDC

    Thanks again for the good words Rob. I did make a small brass wrench to make sure the pommel bolt is not marred. I am glad to hear that active duty is getting better help. That will help reduce the number of future veterans needing help. Sad thing is that there is still so many current...
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    USMC inspired EDC

    Sorry Rob, I did not know.:2: Should have just said Marine cause I imagine, once a Marine always a Marine. Beginning of next year I will make a larger one with similar handle to donate to Mission 22. Saddens me deeply.:2: Here are a couple more pics. Thanks again for the compliments, very...
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    USMC inspired EDC

    Thanks for the good words. :thumbup:
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    USMC inspired EDC

    Finally something to show. A small EDC for a good friend of mine. A prior Marine as you probably deduced by the USMC. It's a take-down that I like to make so much. I am exploring engraving more and more and I found out that engraving on a curved surface is a whole new opportunity to practice...
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    Guns, Cut N Shoots and other dual threat weapons

    Thanks Bruce, glad you like it. I do suspect that it might not be as easy as you make it sound though. ;) Believe me I'll give it a try someday.
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    Guns, Cut N Shoots and other dual threat weapons

    It sure looks great Bruce. Here is my contribution. Of course it's more of a Cut'n Pretend to shoot, but I'll get there someday. ;) I imagine that I don't have to point out the obvious but I still will just in case: *this is not a functioning pistol*.
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    Jesse James

    Just found this and watched the pilot Jesse. I sure hope it gets picked up cause it would be great fun to watch. I love handmade craftsmanship as much as you do. And welcome to the knifemaking community, great bunch of people as you already discovered.
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    Show me your dust collection system

    Here are a few pics of mine. Added a ceiling air filtration unit recently. Of course I still use a respirator and my beloved shop-vac. :D
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    Grizzly GO622 4x6 band saw

    I personally never had any luck with my 4X6 (not HF or Grizzly but the same under another brand name from here in Canada). I read that they are hit and miss and I obviously got a miss. :( I bought a Dewalt Portaband and it cuts so much better, in a completely different league. Only drawback is...
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    Wish all belts were as long lasting as this one.

    Thanks for posting your results Frank. Like Darrin, I am always looking for feedback on belts. I'll have to order some to try.
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    The Inquisitor, Patrice Lamee

    Just found this thread and wanted to thank everyone for the good words. It means a lot.
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    The Bone Collector

    Thanks for the good words, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea.