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    First knife of 2015 Model #33

    Looks awesome as usual Art!
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    1 sheath 2 knifes

    Just stunning great job!!!
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    Prayers needed bigtime!!!!

    Sending more prayers
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    Prayers needed bigtime!!!!

    Will be praying for him. I have been through this with my son.He had part of his colon removed when he was 5 days old and 6 weeks premature so I know how scary it feels.Especially when the surgeon says he is to small to operate then 6 hours later the bowel ruptures and they have to go in...and...
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    crack in handle

    Just my 2 cents woth but thin blades tend to flex alot more. So if thing are not perfect they will do what you show. Really found this out on a cheese slicer...Kept doing that until I put a new pin right up front. Just my thoughts.
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    Sad Day

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I have my Teal and Squeaker together also. Jay
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    Questions about working with real jade.

    HI, In my youth I messed around with cutting some and I will tell you it is darn hard stuff to work with. Hard to polish and tough as nails. Never did finish my project was too hard to work with!!
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    One here Randy!!! Grew up on heavy metal. BOC Rules!!
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    Prayers for our son...

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers:) He is home and is back to bouncing on the bed to ELMO:) Still having some problems with bowels moving stuff but were are working on that!
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    Mammoth and HHH damascus

    I like the shape of the knife very much!! I love the steel and mammoth but I do have to say the spacer to me distracts from the rest of the scale.With that said I think it is still a very nice knife and one I would be proud to own:)
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    Bering Sea Gold!!

    I agree with Frank Tim it is great to hear from somebody that has knowledge to pass along so Thanks:)
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    Back Surgery

    Wishing you well Ernie and hope it turns out great for you!!!!