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    Canadian Belt Knife

    I just finished this one. Canadian Belt Knives have been a popular request lately. This one is S30V with maple scales and 1/4" corby bolts.
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    Gentlemen's slip joint - in carbon fiber and white c-tek

    I like it. How do you open it?
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    First kitchen knife

    I have made a camp knife. I have made Gaucho knife that reminded me of a kitchen knife but this is the first kitchen knife I have made. Not all cutting is done in the field. I'm sure potatoes will learn to fear this blade. The blade is .125" S30V with an OAL of 11". The bolsters and corby...
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    Oklahoma Belt Knife

    Thanks guys. Can't sharpen it yet. I don't have the sheath finished. Art in NC gave me some good advice many moons ago. He said to never sharpen a knife until you have a place to put it. I may not get to use this knife at all. I have had several people wanting to buy this one.
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    Oklahoma Belt Knife

    I recently made a couple Canadian Belt Knives and I kinda liked the design. They seemed like they would be a very handy field knife and I thought about making one for myself. The problem I ran into is that I'm not Canadian and I wouldn't feel right about using a knife intended for Canadians. I...
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    Roman knot file work?

    I saw this filework on a knife once and really liked it. I thought I would give it a try. I used a drill press and two different files.
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    I have a dumb question.

    I started a blade many moons ago and I was pulled away from the project. I recently found the blade laying under some junk. I had forgot all about it but it's a cool blade and I'm going to finish it if I can figure out what kind of steel it is. I forgot what kind of steel it is. It's D2 or...
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    Beenie weenie, spam instead of weenie.
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    I get on Knife Dogs, check the new posts, and find a bunch of spam trying to sell Nike shoes. Is there a way to find these people and staple their bottom lip to their forehead?
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    Seal Brass Bolsters

    I use both brass and 416 stainless. I have found that there is nothing you can do to keep the brass bright on a user knife. I still like it. It looks more correct on some knives dull or not. A quick rub with car wax will bring dull brass back to the light in a hurry.
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    Just a knife

    That's funny. My very next project had lots of wood on it, lots of hickory.
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    Just a knife

    After making a Bowie knife with lots of filework and details, I needed to get back to basics. I just wanted to make a basic field knife. You know, a solid, user friendly knife for field dressing. The knife ended up 8 1/2" OAL and has a 5/32" S30V blade. The handle is G10 with corby bolts.
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    Crusader Bowie

    Thanks for the kind words. C Craft, the crosses were filed into the handle frame. The black epoxy used on the handle filled in the voids and then I finished the handle till just the top of the crosses show.
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    Another folder for Blade.

    The lines, materials, and workmanship of that knife make a beautiful package. That one really pleases my eye.
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    Crusader Bowie

    I would like to thank everyone for the kind words. Art in NC gave me some motivation and good advice when I first came down with this knifemaking sickness. Thanks Art. It was a fun project and I really enjoy the fact that it will get worn, it will serve a purpose, but I hope they never NEED...