Oklahoma Belt Knife


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I recently made a couple Canadian Belt Knives and I kinda liked the design. They seemed like they would be a very handy field knife and I thought about making one for myself. The problem I ran into is that I'm not Canadian and I wouldn't feel right about using a knife intended for Canadians. I can't even fake a Canadian accent after watching Strange Brew a dozen times. Sooner or later someone would accuse me of being a fake Canadian, poser, or wannabe if I carried a Canadian Belt Knife.

I my only choice was to make an Oklahoman Belt Knife. I can carry one of those without any problems. I took a couple things I liked about the Canadian Belt Knife and morphed it into a very usable knife with a slightly larger handle and a little more belly to the blade. When you look at the two designs side by side, I think you can tell that the design origins of the OBK comes from the CBK without being just a slightly changed copy.

The OBK is 8 3/4" OAL with maple burl scales. The 5/32" D2 blade has a full height flat grind.

Nice looking knife. Like the lines.
Clean anything with it yet?


Accuracy beats Speed

Thanks guys. Can't sharpen it yet. I don't have the sheath finished. Art in NC gave me some good advice many moons ago. He said to never sharpen a knife until you have a place to put it. I may not get to use this knife at all. I have had several people wanting to buy this one.
I like this one better than the original. I never could get over the broken back look on the CBKs, but you seem to have gotten around that nicely.
Wow! That's nice! I may have to make one for myself,of course I'll have to modify it slightly so it can be a Florida belt knife:biggrin: