2016 Knife Dog's Knifemaker's Christmas Exchange!

J. Hoffman

Dealer - Purveyor
It's that time of the year again! The Knife Dog's Christmas Exchange. This is one of my favorite events each year (Next to the USKMS Hammer-In).

This is a gift exchange between friends (some you haven't met yet). The gift package should be valued near $25, and should be some kind of item for making a knife. Bruce Bump said it best when he said "Think Toys Not Socks". Handle materials, known steel, handle hardware, specialty tools etc. are some ideas.

Here is how it works. Make a post in this thread saying that you are in, and I will add you to the list. On December 9 I will send you an email or IM with the name and address of another maker. You will need to have your gift in the mail by December 17. This will give you a week to get your package ready, and it should allow plenty of time for the USPS to get the package to the recipient before Christmas.
When you enter, PLEASE send me an email or IM with your mailing address. I don't like having to chase people down for addresses. mooseyard@gmail.com

Some Food for thought:
-Research your recipient a little bit before you decide what to send. Check their posting history and see what kind of knives they usually make and what kind of materials they may like. Don't send G10 to someone who only uses wood, or don't send 2x72 belts to someone that only has a 1x30 (that's just cruel :biggrin: )

-Don't use this as a way to clean out your junk drawer. Send things you would like.

-If you enter and then can't send something please let me know before I draw names!

-When you send your package, include a small note with info about yourself. This is a great way to get to know each other a little bit better.

-Anyone is welcome to join; new makers all the way up to masters and everyone in between.

This has grown each year, and I would love to see even more people get involved this year!

Any questions or concerns, please let me know.

1. Jess Hoffman
2. DeMo
3. Scott Livesey
4. Bruce Bump
5. Scott Thomas
6. Wall e
7. ACLakey
8. Deane (oldknife)
9. Ty Adams
10. Freds Edge
11. Mark Behnke
12. CAJones
13. Larry Franklin
14. Bill Hubbel
15. Peter Martin
16. Matt de Clercq
17. KenH
18. Jim Moenck
19. Aaron
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Thank you for heading this up this year, again. I'm in.

This is one of the best events on KD every year. It has been growing a little bit each year. Hopefully that will continue.

I'll send a pm with my information.

Thanks for playing along again Dennis.


It is all about the Christmas spirit which knifemakers' are particularly good at sharing. Here is a couple of past threads that will help some of the newer members to understand this event a little bit better.

Join in and play along. This is an awesome opportunity to meet a new friend or two.

It makes for a Very Merry Christmas!!!!


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I actually got socks last year and was thrilled. All I gave was a bunch of ironwood.
I'm in again this year.
Im in for this years gift exchange.
Despite using wood most the time G10 would be a new one to try. Lol
Oh come on you now I'm in if you will let me play we're is uncle Janik is he playing ???? Thanks for running this jess I am little embarrassed I made out like a Peter Martin last year lol
I'm in - thanks for handling this Christmas Gift program. It's always a lots of fun, and always get nice stuff and try to send something useful. email sent:

Ken H>