A bouncing new Baby Peter-Wright!!!

Nicely done. Now, if a tractor trailer backs into your shop the anvil will be safe. I do hope they fix you soon Ed. My prayers to you for healing sir. In my opinion Doctor’s are overpaid mechanics...so I use my same decision making paradigm for them...The second time they say “I don’t know”, I find another doctor.


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Your right Chris.... that thing ain't gona "walk" away. :)

I guess I should be thankful that I have retired military benefits when it comes to medical. Otherwise we'd already be medically bankrupt. When the first discovered this lung thing, they did biopsies on both lungs, and when the bill came, it was $65K! With the retired military insurance, we only paid $300. My Mrs reminded me just how good we have it, telling me that where she works, some employees are paying $1,000 a month for insurance, and that only gets them a 60/40 split on costs. o_O On the other hand, the wheels turn very slowly, and it gets frustrating. Went in for a CT scan yesterday, so we'll see if that yields an directions, and how long it takes to get any word from the Docs. Right now, I'm doing whatever the old body allows me to, and hopefully they can get me fixed and back to some serious work in the shop.


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I make no qualms about it..... When it comes to stick or MIG welding, I'm whats known as a "Pile it" welder.....pile it here, and pile it there, until it sticks together! :) (I knew I should have painted it with Hammerrite to hide it!)


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Wow! And I thought your old anvil was big and heavy. And, the story of loading it onto the Air Force plane for the trip home was a visual I still enjoy ;). Betting this “new” one serves you well.