Bowie Sheath

Yep, gonna add the bling. Barge cement the top 1.5 inches. 3/4 folded x 2.


Fold over, set the cement by tamping it softly, mark where the holes go for the bling.

Punch the 5/32 inch holes. Note that I did not punch through the inside portion of the liner. When I roll it over the top, the liner will capture the inside of the blue braiding. Hopefully holding it in place forever.

I hate to quit. I got a lot finished tonight. But, I am out of Barges cement. So, I am done. Guess I will just watch the KC Royals play the Texas Rangers. Go Royals!! Down 3-1. It is still early. Let’s go!!
Got the welt attached to the back. Note, I dyed the inside of welt and top of welt before attachment. It is just easier to do it beforehand.

Front panel is attached. Time to clean up the edge. I use my belt grinder and a new 120 grit belt. Run it slow. Do not burn/burnish the leather.

All cleaned up. Getting ready to place the holes for lacing. Thereafter dye edge and holes. Then start lacing.

Note that most all of the edges will get covered in lace. You will not see it. So I do not have to make them look perfect. It will get hidden and never seen again


I have started punching the holes for the lace. This freaks me out a bit. The leather is so thick that I have to punch halfway from each side. Pray the hole lines up.

If I am going to lace, I have to cut lace. New tool is a lace cutter. It has a razor blade that can be replaced. Always use a sharp blade.