Crusader Bowie

I would like to thank everyone for the kind words. Art in NC gave me some motivation and good advice when I first came down with this knifemaking sickness. Thanks Art. It was a fun project and I really enjoy the fact that it will get worn, it will serve a purpose, but I hope they never NEED to use it. If it stayed here, it would probably sit on a shelf somewhere and collect dust.
Very nice, impressive, I like the cross theme and how it is worked into periphery of the handle. Dan
I had a request for a big, flashy knife. It's going to a soldier in Afghanistan who has to talk with tribal leaders. He requested that it have a cross displayed in the handle because the tribal leaders are primitive but they remember the Crusades. The cross displayed on a warriors weapon still holds some meaning over there.

Now I am gonna say that is awesome, just awesome! If he wanted to make a point that one will do it! The knife is absolutely fantastic as well as the sheath!

How did you do the cross inlays in the handle between the filework, if you don't mind me asking?

I am sure your customer will be happy with that one, as it hit all the marks requested and then some!
Thanks for the kind words.

C Craft, the crosses were filed into the handle frame. The black epoxy used on the handle filled in the voids and then I finished the handle till just the top of the crosses show.

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Squawsach, that really shows how much work went into the knife. When you stop and think about those crosses were filed in as well. You have got great symmetry to all of it too. It is so easy to get off when filing and the eye gravitates to it right away, that is if you eye see's symmetrical patterns!

Great work!!!!!!!!