First Bowie

Wayne Bensinger

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Hi guys, well here it is. I was a bit apprehensive at first to start this, but it think it turned out well.
O.A.L.- 13"
8"- 52100 hollow grind-57 rc
5" handle- nargusta burl
304 ss gaurd and pommel
360 brass spacers
.030 red spacers
.172 thick at ricasso

let me know your thoughts, always looking for some constructive help


Self Made Knives

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Looking good! Would you happen to have a close up of the guard? Looks like there's a detail groove in there, or maybe its a spacer, can't tell. How was the 304 to work with? I've got some, but some of the guys on here say it's kind of a pain to work with, but I haven't tried it yet. I've got a bowie drawn out and I think that's what I want to try next, but I'm still only on my 5th knife overall, so I'm apprehensive too. Have you made a lot knives?

Wayne Bensinger

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Thanks for the looks and compliments. I will try to get up some close-ups of the guard and pommel tomorrow, opening day of Penna archery tomorrow, so I'm busy tonight getting ready tonight. As far as the detail groove, that's just what it is, I just took a small rat tail file and sort of wrapped it around the arc on both guard and pommel, it just kind of came to me, I thought it would kind of mimic the cannelure groove on the spine, it wasn't on my original design.
As far as the 304, I really found it easy to work. It cut well on the band saw, milled well, and sanded easily, I have no complaints. It was actually very easy to polish as well. I've been into it for about 1-1/2 years and have completed about 8 knives, although this is my first paying job. Thanks, talk to you soon

Bruce Bump

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Thats a cool field knife. It has the classic world war II custom made look to me. Reminds me of my dad. I miss my dad, he was a WWII vet.

Wayne Bensinger

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Wow, thanks for compliments guys, the mention of the WWII knife makes me feel good because the knife was built for a Korean vet. Kind of the same era.