First Folder- a slip joint


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First folding knife, 304 liners, mill releived and bolsters, 154 CPM blade and spring, blade hollow ground, cocobola scales. 4.25" closed, 7.5" open. This is a first attempt and has it warts and blisters, but that said I want to thank those who posted tutorials and advice, including Don Robinson, Bruce Bump, Bill Vining and John of J.S. Machine.


slip joint 3.jpgSlip Joint 2.jpgSlip Joint 1.jpg
Jason and Phil,

Thank you and I am "hooked". These are challenging and more like making a small machine than an inanimate object like a hunter, not that I've mastered those by any means!

Hello Jay,
Good looking folder especially for the first one.
Thanks for the mention, my pleasure to help out.
Looks good to me. I've been meaning to give this kind of thing a try... you might have just tipped me past my point of resistance!
I think you did a really good job. I would be proud to stick that thing in my pocket and whip it out whenever a cutter was required.
Yowza! Wow man! What a great job. Glad my tutorials as well as others helped you out. Nice to see makers succeed with these, because like you say - they are very challenging.

Keep up the good work :)
Looks very good and the photography is true to form. No photoshop enhancements. I know because Iv'e seen it in person. It also has a great walk and talk.
Thanks all for the comments and encouragemnt for future knives. I was remiss in not thanking my buddy Ed Valleley (EdVal) who provided the mill and helped me mill the relief on the liners and otherwise was very helpfull. Soon I will post some lessons that I learned on my first attempt at a slip joint that may be helpfull first timers like I am. Those who know better may correct me and help us all.