Gadzooks! New forum software is installed

There are a few things I am not used to, But I like it.

I feel if we want to grow as a community we have to upgrade our place of meeting.

It might not be the same as your used to but all the people are the same and all the information is still here.

I am pretty sure the reason why everyone is a member to this site is not for the version of forum software but for the people and info.
I could disable the quick reply with no click so it acts like some of the other places but you all would go INSANE.

...what do you mean "go"...?:drool:

just my take,but these smilies?...too small and,well,just kinda limp imo
I have a few good ones I'd share! (and yes,they're G rated...most of 'em)
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...what do you mean "go"...?:drool:

just my take,but these smilies?...too small and,well,just kinda limp imo
I have a few good ones I'd share! (and yes,they're G rated...most of 'em)

I have to agree, I did like to old smileys better. But thats cause they seemed a bit bigger and more in focus. Plus we had all the dog ones!
I just use my own.

who loves you long time?

Darn, I was just learning how to use the old format, now I have to start all over again. Log in every time I do something is a pain, it's working slower than before, and I'm simply lost with the new setup.

That being said, I think every one should give it a chance and see if it works out for the better. I think I'll just set back and wait until all the bugs are worked out and see how it goes.

I love the new selection of Icons.:s11798:
When words just wont say it, I know where to go.

By the way, thats the first I had heard that lawyers could spell.:wink::s12138::confused::24::58:
Wayne, you never told me that. You had me fooled buddy.:biggrin:


I finally put up an avatar; I am so proud of myself. I'm bigger in real life.
I've been playing with the new toys all day and I think the site format is looking good.
Change takes a while to absorb but as knife makers we should be used to it. There is always something new coming.


The new icons; man like a kid in a candy store.:s7435::s12137::rockon:
I liked the old style better. Of course, for what I'm paying to peruse this site, I really can't complain.

Were I in charge, things would be different (more nekkid babes), but I'm not, so they're not. Being at the bottom of the ladder has its downside....
Spelling ain't my strong suit. Even if I could spell well I would use a spell checker. Makes proofing much easier and makes folks think that you are better than you are.
I sure missed that laughing dog. I'm glad he's back. I'd like to see a smiley of Moe laughing,,,,Rock.
Well I guess we have the Smileys back. Cool!:thumbup: Thank Tracy for installing them. I'm just glad I saved them on back up.
very confusing

I liked the old format much better. What about everybody else?

I dont like it at all. Not as colorful and kinda confusing to this redneck! Just dont like new at all. I just had figured the old way out and now its WAY different. I think it will make a big difference in how often I use it now. Content is still great, but I am lost on the new way! GOD BLESS!!