Gas Piston for GIB ?


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I am nearing completion of a GIB build and am considering a gas piston strut vs the spring. I am not sure if the parts I have selected are the proper size/weight/material for my application.

I have a list of parts from McMaster-Carr:
1 - 9416K11 Gas Spring with Threaded Ends, 40 Force, 5.90" Extended Length, 2.36" Stroke
2 - 9416K29 C-Style Eyelet Bracket for .32" Eyelet Diameter Gas Spring with Threaded Ends
2 - 9416K84 Zinc Eyelet End Fitting for M6 Thread Gas Spring with Threaded Ends

Any suggestions are encouraged.

Thanks in advance
That is how I built mine! I started off with a 15lb and it was way too light. I tried 30lb and 40lb. The 30 lb was just right for mine.
I love the way it works. I will try to attach a pic (i am new at this!).
- Jason


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Some friendly advice........If you guys use that type of "gas piston"....make sure you mount it with the rod facing DOWN. The first one I installed was mounted as in the above pics, and lasted about 3 weeks.....after looking over the failed part closely, I found that steel dust had gotten down into the seal and wrecked it. It might take a while longer depending on just how much steel you grind......but if you leave the seal end facing upward, it will fail.
Jason, I was debating about the 30 vs 40 lb. So the 30 was optimal?

Ed, great info, thank you for bringing that up.
Yep, with the geometry of mine, the 40 lb was too heavy. I thought it might break off the Beer Tap Handle when I was compressing it, and that would just not be acceptable...hehe...
With the 15 lb, it was so light that the tracking mechanism would not work properly. Unless you geometry is significantly different, I would try the 30lb first.
I started with the 20lb and went to the 40lb. Which has worked well for me. Mine is mounted rod down. Below are the parts I ordered from Mcmaster Carr when I first put it together.

20lb Spring gas piston McMaster Carr 9416K111
Bracket for gas piston McMaster Carr 9416K29
Eyelet for gas piston McMaster Carr 9416K84