Hardening II- Quenching

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The very short times to make pearlite mentioned above has often been misconstrued as a need to hurriedly rush from the soak to the quench, so much so that I fear people could get hurt. Relax, the .75 seconds for 1084 occurs at 1000F not at soak temperature. Just keep your quench tank near your heat source and promptly quench.
This is exactly how I understood it, too. Thanks for clarifying that.

Thanks also for working hard to provide clarity and for freely sharing a lot of hard earned knowledge. You teach well. I'll be checking out the books you referenced and print these threads out, too. I've spent time pouring over books and research relevant to my field as well and teaching with clarity and precision reflects a true understanding of any material. I'm still pretty green in this field but hungry for the proper knowledge in order to do things right. I'm starting to see how deep this "hobby" is and don't know if six kids and a full time job will allow me to progress as fast as I'd like. I don't have much to offer the forum by way of experience yet, just wanted to voice my appreciation.