Latest framelock I’ve made


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Hi guys

Here is the most recent frame lock I’ve made. It’s a new design and feels quite good in the hand and I think will make a pretty functional EDC knife. The blade is RWL34 etched and tumbled. Titanium frame has been sand blasted and carbon fibre scale. Knife runs on bronze washers with front opening tab. There is no clip on this nor lanyard hole but they guy I have in mind to give this one doesn’t like either and prefers a pouch.





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What jumps out at me about this folder...and in a very good way, is that it appears that the handle shouldn't be able to hold that much blade...but it does beautifully. That's a talent with folders that I am yet to figure out. Nice Work!!


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Thank you for the very nice comments guys.

Ed - that is very high praise coming from you so thank you very much! I was trying to get a slim handle design and I like the way it worked out.

Sean - I bought it from And this is their “arctic storm” version. It was my first time using carbon fibre and I found it good to work with and I also made sure I had very good dust extraction and wore my mask when working with it.