little chopper

Brad Lilly

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I just finished this little guy up. The head is made from 4140 with a heavy etch. The head is 5" long with a 2" face. This one is a gift to a little guy so the handle is a Homehardware replacement for a common ball peen hammer. Not much point in putting a super hardwood handle since it is going to take a beating.


Calvin Robinson

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Lucky little boy.
My oldest grandson who is soon to be 25 spent many a happy hour chopping with a hatchet I made for him using an old ax head he found on a dirt road after a heavy rain.
Well done Brad and good call on the handle.
Hello everyone,
that is realy nice. How did you do the etch, which to me looks like a flowing river. Also what etchant did you use. That is of course if you don't mind shearing your method .
Regards Chris.