Little Giant value


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Can anyone give me a ball park value on a Little Giant 50# that has been completely reworked by Uncle Al's Machine shop in Arkansas.
It is in like new condition with new dies, motor, and all else.
Thanks in advance for the info


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Can you post pictures and give a full rundown of what's been done to it? Is it a new or old style?
I rebuild power hammers on the side, and can say that the rebuilt little giant market is tough. In the last year I have seen "rebuilt" little giant 50's sell from 4 to 7,500 USD. These rebuilds ranged from a slap of paint to what was advertised as a full rebuild. I underline advertised because their simple machines and can operate in a wide range of tolerances, and it's subjective if a part needs to be fixed, or is fine as is. There are also upgrades that can be done during the rebuild to increase the longevity and efficiency of the machine that may or may not be present in a rebuild. Last, you have optional equipment that effects price, like spring guards or brakes.
Hope that helps - Morgan


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The market for Little Giant hammers is currently hot, due to the present popularity of forging. The up side of Little Giant power hammers is that they are a good investment..... their value, especially those in running/using condition only goes up. Just like good anvils...... kinda like money in the bank, but with the added benefit of using them. :)

I switched a number of years ago from Little Giant hammers (I owned/used both a #25 and #50 in my shop) to a 110lb air hammer. Keep in mind this way 10+ years ago..... at that time I sold the #25 for $2,900, and the #50 for $6,000. Both were in outstanding condition, with less then 5 years on complete overhauls, with motors, in "plug and play" format.


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I have been busy and haven't looked back to see the responses.
This hammer was rebuilt by Uncle Al's machine shop in Arkansas. He said it was like new now but I haven't gone and picked it up as I am going to wait until the next knifemakers get together up there. I was only wondering a price just to know.
You guys have helped me and I appreciate all the info and advice from this forum.