Matchlock Axe/Pistol

Careful what you wish for! I might get on a plane one day and come to spend some awesome time with you and my friend Raymond Richard. Couple weeks between you guys and my knifemaking would turn a corner no one can imagine. Even with all the help you give online, there's nothing like watching and getting instruction in person. You're my living hero Bruce. :) Ray is my brother in faith and esthetics, though I could no more make knives as beautiful as either of you guys than the man in the moon. I just lack your singular visions. But I'm slowly getting my fit and finish figured out; a little better on the guard fitting and polishing and I'll feel like a legitimate maker. :) Both of you have given me tips that have improved my results, and I continue working to apply them well. But I've only made 110 knives over the last 23 years, so my production rate leaves a little experience on the table.

Got a couple upcoming projects that are going to be fun, and I'll still continue to get the best possible guard fit I can. Someday it'll be invisible like yours. I promise; that's a personal promise to my mentor. And maybe someday I'll make a little blackpowder pistol, just to say I did it. A pretty one.

Merry Christmas to you and your family Bruce. I wish you all the joy in the world.

I still have your adoption papers on my desk. Come on over.
Between seeing this piece and having a table by Steve Culver at the AKA Show I can't decide which would be more fun for deer season a flintlock or matchlock...
Between seeing this piece and having a table by Steve Culver at the AKA Show I can't decide which would be more fun for deer season a flintlock or matchlock...

Allen, if you've ever smelled a locked and loaded matchlock burning you will choose the flintlock. Thats one reason the matchlock wasnt so good in battle, the enemy could smell em coming.

It was fun talking to you and Steve at the show.
Flintlocks and matchlocks are both a pain in the butt in windy or rainy weather. :9:

I had a great time visiting with you guys too!!!!
Rex mentioned this today and I thought I had seen it, but I guess I had not. What can I say here that hasn't already been said? Bruce, your level of how you put things together in your mind and then make them a reality is amazing to me. Your work with forging, knives, and all the stuff we are all on this forum for is incredible in itself, but when you start building these guns I just sit back and smile. You had to have been a machinist in a past life or something, because I know that just anybody can't work metal the way you do.

Amazing work my friend. I look forward to the day I can simply shake your hand. The guy had it right when he said "the best thing on the internet".

You are an inspiration to us all :)
Since we are bumping this thread up to the top. Did you ever get engraved pictures?

A truly amazing piece of art.
You guys are too kind, Thanks! I learned any machine skills at our community college. They dont offer that class anymore. What a shame that manual machining is a thing of the past. Everything is CNC Production now. They sold all the machines to the highest bidder, unfortunately I wasnt one of them.

The engraving is not done yet. Cash flow became a major problem with my customer. Not to worry though, someday it will get done.
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Bruce, I just found this thread last night and have spent several hours going thru it - more than once, and will be reviewing it many more times looking/learning from your great work.

I've forwarded a link to the thread to several friends and kinfolk with the subject line: "Definition of Art", and your work does truly define art. I am waaay past impressed with your work - and there are many on this forum who do great work also.

Ken H>
Very impressive! Took me a while to get through all the pages but I'm in awe. Thanks for taking all the extra time to document the process.