"My very first knife" - post up!

Bruce Bump

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This thread has been key to my persistence in knifemaking. Back when I started, all I saw were pictures of what looked to me like other-worldly creations forged by angels. Meanwhile my knives were almost good enough to be used to scrape out the bottom of the deep fryer at a D- health code rated corndog stand.
That’s hilarious! I know what you mean though. I have a bunch of rejects in a box somewhere. My better knives are useful for spreading epoxy and such. My best knives are sold and in the hands of hunters and collectors. Just don’t stop, they get better


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ok, everybody else doin it so here it is - my VERY FIRST knife - made it with an old lawnmower blade - i think i heard a guy on forged in fire say that some mower blades are hardenable. all common newbie mistakes are present - pin not centered, poor grind line, darn handle too short, its literally too short to get a grip on. anyway keepin it as memorabilia.


John Wilson

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thank you john for being so gentle - i was actually proud of it when first finished - fortunately i found the dogs shortly thereafter !
Can relate. My first knife (knives) were horrible. It's sickening to think about how much work I actually put into them and how bad they turned out for all that effort. But that's how learning goes, doesn't it? I've learned much more from failure- probably because I have more practice.


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i guess thats part of what makes it such a fulfilling pastime - the anticipation of personal improvement - attempting to craft every knife a little better than the last one. knowing that perfection doesn't exist yet aspiring to it anyway !


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Here's my first from Aug '18. Strange turn that actually got me started. I'd been piddling with handling some blanks and doing some playing with regrinding on a 1x30 since maybe 2015. I got real determined to be a knifemaker, and in April 2017 we bought a place in the country...with a nice 30x40 shop. I had to completely redo the house. Completely. It took me 9 months. About halfway into that, my dad shows up one day while I'm working on the house. His neighbor was moving, and sold all of his knife making stuff for $600. That was an NC Whisper lowboy, 100lb II&B anvil, 12spd drill press, Baldor buffer, oxy/ace torch set, 9"x48" sander, table saw, and a raft of other small stuff. I had *NO* interest in forging. Fast forward to Aug '18. I'd completed my 2x72 build and was kinda just trying to scratch funds together for an oven. Then it just dawned on me that I had all the stuff to make a knife, if I forged it and heat treated it in the forge...enough waiting! A pack of leaf springs and a ridiculously long time in front of the forge and a couple gallons of canola, we had a knife. And I paid the bill for all that equipment with it. ;)