Need some help with a video

Working on my forge and I could use some advice.
I made a video of it... but it keeps telling me the video file is too large to upload.
The whole video is less than 14 seconds... file size I dont know. Im using an ipad.

How can I make this work, thanks!


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Best way is to upload the video to Youtube, then embed it into the post. 14 seconds of video, depending on the quality level is gona be several HUNDRED Mb (mega bites) of data. The servers of most forums simply can't allow any big files, otherwise they'd quickly run out of space.
Ok so... one burner, 20psi.
I partially blocked the other burner hole just to see what effect it has.
The "air throttle" seems to have very little effect.
Once warmed up it seems to improve a bit, the flame seems neutral...? ish... then yellow flame.
It is a fairly consistent flame.
There is no flared nozzel on the tip yet... ill be making that next.
I suspect the flared nozzel will have a noticeable improvement on the flame characteristics.

All might be fine... I just wanted to get some final thoughts/suggestions.
Perhaps those who have seen all this before might notice something I overlooked.


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Looks pretty good. It might be just a tad fuel rich..... but that's an orifice size issue, and may not need "fixed". Personally, I've always found that a single, well tuned burner, whether it be venturi or forced air, is a far better choice than multiple burners. Often times I see folks with multiple burner forges spending more time fiddling with burners than forging. :)