Never thought this would happen!


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I hear ya Cliff! My second deployment to the Middle East was to a "bare base", and being a Muslim country, chicken was the way they chose to feed us in the mess tent......EVERY DAY, 3X a day. If you can imagine chicken that has been boiled, then left out on the counter to cure into a jerky like substance, that's what we ate. After about 3 months of that, MREs looked pretty darn good! :) It took Cindy almost a decade after that to even get me to consider eating "dumpster duck" again!
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Rick Otts

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Nice find Ed and never go dumpster diving on a Marine base because all you will find in trash.As a aircraft mech we used cheap tools along with everything else hell we didn't even have or our field jackets.


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That is awesome Ed, that's the biggest Peter Wright I have seen. I have a 328 lb and have not seen anything bigger. The stand I have mine on is every bit of 300lb itself, I hope I never have to move from this house lol

John Wilson

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There was no dumpster diving when I was in the Navy... SPLOOSH!... and that was all she wrote...

The supply system was a complex nightmare of forms when I was in. Just ordering the basics was a full time job, so every shop basically lost a man because you had to create a 'supply guy' who did nothing all day but source parts and materials. And if getting parts wasn't hard enough, returning something was your worst nightmare. In my experience the supply chain was a one-way street. Once you got something, it was yours whether you liked it or not. So guess what happens when a giant crate arrives with your name on it? A giant crate/motor/valve,etc. with no home, whose only mission from that day forward is to get shuffled endlessly from hidey-hole to hidey-hole in hopes of not failing space inspections? After failing to convince Supply to take it back 100 times.... wait for dark and- SPLOOSH!

I could live comfortably for years on the money spent on wasted stuff that now adorns the sea floor.


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yeah, nothing like lining up as many MG's as we could get our hands on to burn up 50K+ rounds of ammo before we could head to the rear and shower after 2 weeks in the field. Any of you who have ever bought 50 BMG ammo or any ammo for that matter could tell you how much that cost. and this is a routine thing. (YOU SHOOT AT ALL, YOU SHOOT IT ALL) is the going saying.

Don Robinson

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Ed, when I was in the Army, once a year we got lobster and steak at the mess hall, so they could get an increase in the next years budget. The really sorry thing about it the steak was as tough as shoe soles and the lobster had been cooked to the point it would bounce, and absolutely no taste. They cook everything in those 50 gal. pots and use boat oars to stir it! I tried to convince the cook to let me cook my own steak and lobster but to no avail!!
I always asked the cook to just give me the meat, took it home and my wife cooked it. One time I got a whole ham.