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I started to build a new Forge out if an old air tank. Decided to chronicle it here as I go. IMG_20180418_17460.jpgIMG_20180418_26945.jpg
Chamber is 10" in diameter and will be about 14" long, was going to make it shorter but with the idea of 350 cubic inches of area per 3/4" burner at 10" of lengh it was still over the rating for burner so I opted for a little longer, 1 layer of 1" Kao-Wool for quick warmup, piece of Kiln shelf for floor, some kind of rigidizer, Satinite and some IR coating. Next to go in will be the mounts for the burners. I am going to cut rear dome off also for quick liner changes, plan on blocking front and rear with Firebrick to help speed heat up.
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If you are going to be writing up the what and how, could I put in a plea for the why as well?

There are lots of "I did this" out there, but not many "I did it like this because..." and it seems that it would be helpful to folk to understand some of the choices made and the reasoning behind them.

Questions that immediately spring to mind (and which I hope will be answered as things go on) are why so big? one or two layers of kaowool? why burners, plural?
Sure I can amend it was trying to avoid making it to wordy. But if you think that would be helpful I'll do it! Thanks!
Reading about projects and the reasoning behind some of the decisions is always an interesting part of the project, Sometimes decisions are related to expense and others are efficency related or indeed material availlability and it is always enlightening to understand the thinking that goes into certain aspects of these projects.
Check out the Build a Gas Forge on the Forge Supplies page of my web-site.
Let me know if I can help you.

I'll be getting a hold of you Wayne when I get the burners going I need a couple needle valves. Do you have any pressure gauges? Since I'm running 2 burners I want to be able to match the pressure on each burner.
Roughed out burner bung. It's 2" OD and fits the SS burner flairs perfect. I have to relocate the bottom screw hole because its going to be to tight to the forge body to tighten.
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These are the holes for the burner bungs. The centers are 4" apart and located about a third off of the centerline or just under 3 inches.
Here are the bungs set in for test fitting. I need to trim some more off the top of the holes to get a slight angle up for the bungs. This is so I can angle the burners better to get a nice swirl in the chamber and minimize any flame impigment on any steel put in the chamber. This was advise given by a very good source.
Glad to help. I have the needle valves but no pressure gages. You should have no problem finding them locally.

Let me know how I can help you.
Ok trimed the Burner Bungs and managed to get them tack welded onto forge body. Need to pick up the Kiln shelf for the bottom of the chamber. Then line with the Kao-Wool rigidize and line with Satinite and an IR coating let dry while I build the burners. I have some cool features I want to build into this Forge so stay tuned!!
Cut the Kao-Wool liner for fitting. Need to get to my local Ceramic store to pick up a Kiln Shelf for the floor of forge and so I can cut the rear opening for a pass thru for larger items. Chamber is 8" diameter and just under 14" long. Final chamber should be about 7 1/2" in diameter but will have a flat kiln shelf for a floor. I plan in 1/4" of Satinite and a coating of ITC100. Coming along slowly but it is moving forward!
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You would be better off without the kiln shelf, rather cast it with Kast-0-Lite, use Kast-0-Lite instead of Satanite and Metrikote at $20.00 per pint rather than over $75.00 for a pint of ITC-100.

Let me know if I can help you.
You would be better off without the kiln shelf, rather cast it with Kast-0-Lite, use Kast-0-Lite instead of Satanite and Metrikote at $20.00 per pint rather than over $75.00 for a pint of ITC-100.

Let me know if I can help you.

I'm sure the Kast-O-Lite is a better choice but the Satinite and ITC were givin to me by a friend that built a similer forge! Not gonna complain about that!!
Got the Kiln shelf at a local Ceramic supply place in my area (Sheffield Pottery). They have everything you would need to build a forge. They also have Even-Heat kilns and HT ovens pretty good pricing too. If your in the Northeast near Western MA, Eastern CT or Western NY check um out you could save a lot of shipping on Forge related supplies. More pics coming. Waiting for 1 piece for the burner system. And deciding on how I want to put the front and rear shelves on to support the Fire brick. Coming along but very slowly.
Except Gliden, you probably have to buy 55# of castable refractory when you only need 15# or you have to buy 25' of ceramic blanket when you only need 2'.

Let me know if I can help you.