New Forge

Started working on forge again. I've been getting bye with my 2 small forges, but lately I've been thinking about larger stuff and the ability to forge weld! So I started working on the "FOREVER FORGE" LOL!! Here you can see the 2 Atlas Burners. Now after further research I should have gone with 1 burner but this is already built. I came up with an idea to balance the burners out? I plan on putting pressure gauges on the Tee (open end) and adjusting it with the needle valves. My thought process tells me I should be able to balance the burners by tuning the needle valves and matching the pressure on each burner? At least that is the hope! Welded rear shelf on. Still deciding what to do with front? Want to keep it open so when it comes time to reline it will be easier to do. Getting ready to drill a hole for a sensor for a Temp gauge too. After all this I hope this thing works as good as I hope?


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