Patten welded grosse messer

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Hello Everyone,
I just finished this one. I made myself a forge/twisting machine thingy (Twist-o-matic 3000) and I wanted to test it. So, I needed to do a multi-bar construction.

I also wanted to play with 80crv2, o1, and 15n20. These steels are a lot tougher and more abrasive resistant than the 1075 I often use. Nothing against Aldo's 1075 (it is the perfect simple steel). But, I wanted to play with other alloys.

Blade is 18.5", and about 1.7" at widest point. The handle is almost 5", a tad more if you count the guard portion where your hand can sit.

Everything is pattern welded. The fittings are 1084 and 15n20.

Handle is ebony.

thanks for looking.

comments are welcomed. (there are a ton of pics of the whole process here: grosse messer wip?sort=3&page=1



DSC04305 (3).jpg

DSC04298 (2).jpg


DSC04299 (2).jpg
Thanks, Dan. This is the most complex non-Chinese thing I have ever made. I am pretty happy with it, though next time I am making the post for the nagel shaped like a D or a rectangle instead of round. It took HOURS of peening to get it stable. I should have thought of how much pressure it would take to prevent rotation on a round post. Oh well, it worked. Just a lot harder than it had to be.

Hope to see you at this year's Swords Through the Centuries at Matthew's. Dragon's Breath Forge (Matt, Peter, and the other two... I forget their names, embarrassing).As you know, they are all just crazy talented. JD will be there again, also.

Looking forward to it.

I'll probably miss Ashokan this year though -- we'll just be back from a trip to Iceland and the UK (Victoria and Albert Museum, yum!).
thanks Dan and Jeremiah. This one took months to make (they all do, actually). Still, I was really glad when I finished it. Glad that you liked it.