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I just opened a square account, I've had PayPal for years but my business name didn't include the word knife on my PayPal so maybe I've been under there radar,with what's going on with other makers I'm closing mine just on principle.

Chris Railey

I have used square and I like it. I do not know how they feel about the K word though. Most of my stuff is blacksmith items.

J. Hoffman

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I'm researching "square" right now. Waiting for an email from them asking about exclusions .
Square closed my account and kept the funds in it. They refuse to give any explanation other than "violated policy". The only thing I was using Square for was selling handle blocks of wood. They have done the same to others.

J. Hoffman

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I'm still using PP because it's the only option I know of that allows me to take credit cards at shows. I've started using Wave for online invoice sales though also. When someone wants to pay with PP I get there email address and send them an invoice that has no mention of "K". It prevents the customer from just sending you payment and marking "cool big knife" in the comments.


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I am still using PayPal, simply because there are so many people out there that request to use it as a payment method.... I'm just very cautious with I mentioned preveiously.

For credit cards, I was using Intuit "Go Payments"..... but they had a "policy update" that stated you had to do $XXXX in sales each month in order to have an account.... the first month that I didn't meet that requirement, they shut me down, and would not allow me to open another account.

So.... in my search for another way to accept credit cards, I chose Square..... and so far, so good. After reading what Jess wrote.... it kinda makes me nervous that Square is gona pull the same thing as Intuit did.

I'm really hating this "cancel culture" phase that the U.S. is into these days! GRRRRR :mad:


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I've been using Square for about five years or so and haven't had any issues, although the word knives never comes up.
you can swipe a credit card or punch in the numbers on your phone and it's done, with the option to send a receipt via email to the customer right there.
On my website I offer three ways to pay, personal check, with a wait until it clears, money order or credit card-over the phone.
I've never received a bad check. but more often than not people choose the credit card over the phone and I prefer it that way. that way we get to speak to each other and I think that makes everyone a little more comfortable when transferring a good amount of money.

I had one person ask if I took Western Union, I said huh? I haven't even heard of them in years but I said sure, customer emailed me a number and I went to the grocery store and collected, actually went pretty smooth.
I also took an American Express check before too.


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This is a really good thread right now with the current thought process in this country. We all need to review our policies and providers to protect ourselves from the effects.

I was doing some research and here's what I've found so far:
  1. PayPal - says no "firearms or weapons" in their acceptable use policy
  2. Zelle - says no "firearms, ammo, or other weapons
  3. Square - "use the Services for the sale of firearms, firearm parts, ammunition, weapons or other devices designed to cause physical harm". Square is the company that owns the "Cash App".
  4. Venmo - "certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law"
From that and what we know about the current "vibe" right now I'd say Paypal, Zelle, and Square are a "concern". Venmo isn't quite as strict with their verbiage about "applicable law" but they are still owned by PayPal.

I know many of the sites (not listing them on purpose) that we buy supplies from, sell knives and they offer paypal as a payment option. So that seems a little odd?