USAKnifemakers Stage 1 knife kit Tutorial

Every time I see one of these now days, its like driving up on an area devestated by a tornado, or fire or some other catastrophic event. You don't know what to say but ever fiber of your body hurts to know what was truly lost here. I hope the hell PB folds its doors!!! They could have at least left what was out there alone. But no greed is the way of the times!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm glad I've joined this community. This is the design I made with laser cut. I need some tips on finishing it. It's length is 12.2 inch/310 millimeters and the blade's thickness is 0.275 inch/7 millimeters. what's you suggestion on making it's handle and the blade. By the way it's from a leaf spring. I only heated it so I could flatten it. The other picture is what I've designed for beveling its blade with an angle grinder. What do you think about the knob on the handle for the point finger. I appreciate any suggestion. Thank you!


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