Wakazashi on the bench


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Have not posted here for a while, but I have been busy, truly! Here is the wak I'm working on at the moment. Hand forged W2, 18 1/2" shinogi-zukuri.Sorry for the crappy pics. Still can't take a decent photo :eek: Any comments welcome and thanks for looking.
Cheers Keith
Thanks for the comments guys. Progress? I have been taking some pics to show my customer a little of what the steps are. I'll post em up
Cheers Keith
Thought I would not bore you all with the process but here is the finished piece. I would have liked to keep this one for a while but its off to its new home. I'll jusst have to make another one I geuss. Comments welcome and thanks for looking.
Cheers Keith
Beautiful. Can't imagine how many hours you would have put into this masterpiece
Thanks Gary. Yeah it kept me down in the shop for a bit. As for being a masterpiece ? Well I don't know about that. It is the best I've done so far, but I don't think any maker can truly say that this last piece is the best of his / her work. In my mind anyway always striving to do that little bit more.
Cheers Keith
that is inspirational work. great blade, and I love the tsuba.
Thank you Kevin, I wasn't to sure about the tsuba as I was making it, but I reckon it makes the whole thing pop. Got a couple on the go ( well a start at least) at the moment and will post em up when I'm done. Thanks again.
Cheers Keith