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Here's a new three color handle design I'm working on for my small edc/cowboy knife. I have three levels of sheaths for it and needed a bit fancier handle for the fancier sheath. The handle shown is just one of many possible color combinations...h2.jpgDSC01714.JPG
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Von Gruff

Sheaths all sewn and with the edges burnished so just need hot waxing and fitted to the knives now so that is first up in the morning with sharpening of the blades so they are all ready for shipping. I tag some as there is subtle differences in size and shape between the various knife patterns and it saves me putting a knife in a sheath that isn't a explicitly for that knife.

Austin Thrasher

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Just got settled back in after a show at the Annual Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous in Vincennes Indiana. I done ok for being the new kid on the block. This is my second year setting up there but still the new kid I reckon :p. Here’s a few pics of what I got done for the event that sold and a pic of my tent and table. I was set up in a 12x12 canvas tarp that I had to reset in a different way after each days end in order to sleep in. So i had a setup for displaying and a setup for sleeping. The lean to I was in did not offer much in the way of privacy since others were camped all around. The tent I bought is about 15x20 and 8ft tall. A super nice upgrade that I’m thrilled to have found a deal on. They are about a grand new. The guy I bought from said I could have it for 375 but I would have to wait till the end of the event to take it cause he was using it. I came back a few hours later at the end of day one and told him I’d give him 400 for it and help him tear it down and set his other one up if he would let me take it that day. Thankfully he did and I got to use it for day two. :)


80CRV2 Blade
Leopardwood handle. Not exactly period correct but I sold it anyway :p