What's your production EDC today?


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Here's my first Benchmade and an auto at that. Benchmade 3550, It's my edc for work and home.

I would like to know what your thoughts are of this knife being as I just got it today. My old edc is a Gerber Instant and it had trouble holding an edge through out a day of work.

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My EDC's are a Leatherman PST II (1992?) and a Case trapper (1970's vintage) Old school tools for a guy that's getting older...:biggrin:


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Paragon Para-X OTF automatic

Paragon Para XD OTF – Red Handle Black DLC Clip Poin.jpg
Paragon Para XD OTF – Red Handle Black DLC Clip Point.jpg

Not the best pictures, just snapshots. I just got the handle cerakoted today a copper/burnt orange. LOVE this company.


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1998 to date, Spyderco Police with plain blade. I am on my third one, Spyderco has a killer warranty!!

pic from Amazon
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I carry a blackhawk cqd mark I type e. Im not crazy about the belt cutter but is a decent knife. I have their raptor x1 pack and it is truly the toughest pack ive ever owned. It is a shame that their knives are not up to the standard of their packs.