Wood Identification?

Keith Willis

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This wood was given to me by someone on this forum. I had it all written down as to who give me what, And what species wood it was. It has been a while back and a I have misplaced Where it was all written down
Long story short The only thing I had written on this piece which was larger was the word Willow. I have not a clue as to what it is but I would certainly love to Purchase some if I could find out what it is. Any help would be appreciated
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Thanks Doug, It was sent to me stabilized already and I have used all of it. I have always wanted to find some more of itBut I have no idea what it is. This small piece is all I have laughed and was hoping to get some help identifying what species it isYes I I'm sure is burl, just wishing I was able to find some more
Thanks again for your help.

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I have some maple that has some curling kind of like that. Was the piece dyed when it was stabilized maybe?
Thanks Ember, It could have very well been dyed in the process
I like to try to purchased my wood in blocks when possible I use a couple of placesTo purchase my wood Any advice Would be helpful. I'm sure there are some good individuals That are reputable Any Names that you can help me with would be a

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I’ve never seen willow but that looks like buckeye burl mostly by the color and the little holes here and there. Nice piece. Should make a nice handle.
Thanks guys I wish I had some of it left. Yes Boss, It did make some very beautiful handles

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