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  • Hey Billy,sorry I didn't get back to you sooner;I keep forgetting to check this mailbox.
    As for "taking the time to reply",brother,it's my pleasure!
    As for pics,I've only actually fashioned a couple from scratch;
    I'm a knife 'builder',not a maker.
    I mod and customize finished blades,add embellishments/file-work/mokume bolsters etc.
    I am about to start grinding soon,and will be posting as I learn-n-burn ;)
    Peace to you my friend,
    "O'si'yo" (Hello) Billy, I appreciate the comment on my work. The beadwork is very time consuming, but I don't do that much of it anymore, as it's getting hard on my eyes after about 30 years. I mostly do tooled leather projects, and dress them up with conchos, studs, or brass tacks. If you find the time, visit my Albums at my Profile Area, and you can see more examples of my work. Thanks again, "O s'da su'na he'i" (Good Evening).
    Hey Billy, my name is Phil Evans I met you at Wannamaker. Thanks for letting my friend Daniel come over and check out your press, it was much appreciated. Phil
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