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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Wow. SPECTACULAR! Kind regards, Jos
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    Scraps from the Master's Table

    Nice pen! Cool way to get rid of leftovers! Kind regards, Jos
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    AvR Interframe folder - one of my GRAILS

    Aad (Van Rijswijk) sent me a MUCH better pic of this beauty: This folder also seems to be a celebrety! I am told that it is on page 147 of "Knives 2013", and it is also on the poster of the Milan knifeshow: Oh, and I like this knife so much that I ordered a second one... theme...
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    AvR Interframe folder - one of my GRAILS

    Here's my newest acquisition, it has been one of my Grail knives for a long time (well, since 1995 to be exact, when I read an article about Aad Van Rijswijk, the maker of this beauty). Since then I got to know Aad and his wife, purchased some of his other folders, but never got around to buying...
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    Bill Buxton 4 piece maple set

    As some of you know - I work abroad. The set arrived at my parents home --> safe and sound! But the day before yesterday I had an unexpected couple of hours at home, while transferring from on job to another. So I had the chance to fondle and inspect the set. My expectations were high on...
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Interesting thread! Kind regards, Jos
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    First Folder- a slip joint

    Very nice. Impressive, for a first folder! kind regards, Jos
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    T. A. Davison #846 & #847

    #846: and #847, from the 4 I have so far, my favorite! Isn't she a beauty! :D And finally a groupshot of the four I own: Kind regards, Jos
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    My father's old pocket knife

    This is Blastmaster1941's (better known as my father ;) ) pocketknife. When I was a small boy, this was a magical knife! It was used when we went fishing, it was used for killing, skinning & cleaning rabbits we caught with snares, it was used to kill chickens, it was used to harvest...
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    Bill Buxton 4 piece maple set

    Don't know if it was the same one. What I do know is that this is the 4th set that Bill made. I have wanted one from the day I saw the pics of the first set! And now finally it happened. Kind regards, Jos
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    Bill Buxton 4 piece maple set

    A 4 piece maple handled set in a maple presentation box. Ordered by me, made by Bill Buxton, Master Smith. I have been admiring his work for quite some time now. If I'm not mistaken, this is only the 4th set in this style he made! I'm pretty exited with this one! First pics, made by Bill...
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    The Strauss Pirate 36 caliber

    Congratulations Brian & Bruce! A well deserved award! Kind regards, Jos
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    Carved Folder by Gudy Van Poppel

    Latest folder made by my friend, Dutch knifemaker Gudy Van Poppel. Not mine ~ unfortunately! :( It was made for another collector. Pictures made by Gudy. Congratulations to the new owner, it's a beauty! Blade: explosion damascus ( 75NI8 & O1) Bolsters: explosion damascus, carved...
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    Eastvillage "Olive Wood" set

    Teaser pic of my olive wood handled damascus knife set, made by dutch knifemaker Toni Oostendorp (Better known as "Eastvillage knives", and also one of the people behind the dutch DKE knifeshow). More pics if I have time. I ordered a set of 3 damascus knives, a Bowie, a Hunter, and a...
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    Made by Martin Annegarn, dutch knifemaker. Damasteel & Mammoth Ivory. Impressive folder, both because of it's size and the fenomenal level of fit & finish. Kind Regards, Jos