Bill Buxton 4 piece maple set


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A 4 piece maple handled set in a maple presentation box. Ordered by me, made by Bill Buxton, Master Smith. I have been admiring his work for quite some time now. If I'm not mistaken, this is only the 4th set in this style he made!

I'm pretty exited with this one!

First pics, made by Bill himself:



I'm proud to be able to add such a nice set to my collection. (have to wait a bit to play with it, I'm working abroad, and won't be home for a while... :()

Bill, thank you for making this set!:thumbup:

Kind regards,

Hey Jos,
I've gotten to finially meet Bill this year in Little Rock. He's a great guy and super talented knife and hawk maker. He had a set similar to this one there and it was gorgeous! Is this the same one? I cant tell, all his work is superb. Congrats.
That looks like a Hawaiian Koawood case that he made for those excellent knives.
A true complete set, Except for I would add a culinary knife.
That way you could Hack it, Stab it, Skin it, Process it & Cook it up for dinner! :biggrin:

Seriously that is exceptional work and Not only I wouldn't change a thing! I doubt I could improve on it!

He had a set similar to this one there and it was gorgeous! Is this the same one? I cant tell, all his work is superb. Congrats.

Don't know if it was the same one. What I do know is that this is the 4th set that Bill made.

I have wanted one from the day I saw the pics of the first set!

And now finally it happened.

Kind regards,

There is a mess of drool and slobber all over the keyboard. DANG! That is AWESOME. Wow was the first thing that came out of my mouth before the drool. What a wonderful set. You are one lucky man.
As some of you know - I work abroad.

The set arrived at my parents home --> safe and sound!

But the day before yesterday I had an unexpected couple of hours at home, while transferring from on job to another.

So I had the chance to fondle and inspect the set.

My expectations were high on this one - and I must say they were exceeded! This set is breathtaking.

The whole "atmosphere" of it reminds me of those boxed super the luxe double rifle sets of old... VERY NICE!

And the whole deal with Bill was SUPERSMOOTH, clear communication all the way!

Thanks again Bill!

Kind regards,

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Jos, This set has found a worthy home thousands of miles away. Here in the states we cherish Belgium made guns because of their extreme high quality. Congratulations on such a fine heirloom and to Bill for his milestone craftmanship.
Congrats on the acquisition, one of the best looking sets I've seen. Bill did an incredible job. Appreciate you sharing the picture. It would be rough knowing you have it, but unable to "play" with it