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    What to make a slip joint pattern from?

    "Daniel - As a tip, you can find cheap or older slipjoints at pawnshops/sales/online/auctions/etc. Just buy a couple and take them a part." That's what I did. I took apart a China made Schlage barlow for my pattern, though I lengthened the main blade a bit. I made a pattern out of brass, than...
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    600 Grit Belts?

    Quote: "I've used the A30 Trizact gator belt in the past, and didn't like it as much. It kind of glazes after a while and stops cutting." When this happens, you can put your work rest on with a contact wheel, run your grinder at max speed (if you have variable speed) and run some scrap steel...
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    Titanium Question

    I drill the pivot hole in both rough-shaped liners first. The pivot is a "pass through" fit in both liners. Then I put the liners together with the pivot in place and drill a pilot sized hole through both liners at the same time for the stop pin. Then I run a press-fit sized reamer through...
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    Titanium Question

    My pleasure, Ed! Believe me, you've taught me a lot over the years. :)
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    Titanium Question

    I'm not Ed, but . . . :) On a frame lock, I use two spacers in the back that screws pass through with a locator pin between them. The locator pin is in the middle position, where the third screw was when I used three screws, before I found the advantage of a locator pin. Both my locator...
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    Recovering Damascus pattern on spine

    Good point - when I've done it it's been with stabilized handle material. When I've done damascus with stainless bolsters, I've used brass pins and lightly peened them to attach the bolsters. Then after shaping the bolsters and handle material, I remove them, etch the damascus, and reattach...
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    Layout dye is great until...

    Welcome to an apparently not so exclusive club!
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    Recovering Damascus pattern on spine

    I've done the same, and just used a little painter's tape to protect the scales.
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    Titanium Question

    I assume it's it a linerlock or framelock? If your backspacer(s) are held in with screws only (no locator pins) the knife will go together a little differently each time. Try loosening the spacer screws, tweaking the alignment slightly, then tightening the screws again.
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    Serpentine Dagger

    Thanks! Hollow ground on a 3" wheel, using just the edge of the wheel. I now have a bunch of belts that are worn out on the edge, but fresh in the middle. :)
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    Serpentine Dagger

    Here's a pic of the serpentine dagger I finished recently. Blade is CPM154, mirror polished. Handle is dyed box elder burl, fluted and with sterling silver twisted wire wrap. Guard and pommel are nickel silver. This was my first fluted and wire wrapped handle.
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    Damascus & carbon fiber folder

    Loving the "twist" filework in the blade back!
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    Martin Flipper

    Wow! :)
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    Catalog by R.W. aka Bob Loveless

    I just sent in my 85 bucks for a 4" dropped hunter. Hopefully, I'll receive my knife soon . . .
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    Proud enough to share pictures.

    Really like the design on the second one (not that there's anything wrong with the first one . . . :) )