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    Handle reshape?

    I would just round over that bottom corner without changing the overall profile. It wil take the sharp corner off and yet still give lots of control in use.
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    San Mai Camp Chopper

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    Biohazard Outbreak Response Blade, Short

    Nice work James!!! I think the forging division deserves a round of applause!
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    Liner Lock With Copper and Dyed Burl

    Beautiful work Brandant. The scales are amazing.
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    King Limestone's Fire

    As always Jeremiah beautiful work...I to am curious about the name.
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    Veterans Hospitals Turning Medical Records Over to the FBI.

    Thanks for posting this as people need to know how veterans of this country are treated. I am a veteran myself and every time I think back to the doctors screening recruits getting ready to leave for basic training (Army) I can't bring myself to go to a veterans hospital for treatment...
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    Show etiquette for my first show

    Great Advice Ed...thanks for always providing useful input.
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    On the Back Burner

    I occasionally get stuck on a project and just can't figure out the appropriate steps to finish it aesthetically. When I hit that point I just put it away and may sometimes do two or three more projects to completion before taking a look at it again. Usually at that point something in my...
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    Poor man's nail nick

    Magnificent...thanks for posting that.
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    First experience with a grinding disc and belt

    I've been forging and grinding blades for six years now and I still get an occasional raspberry.
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    Elk Tine Bowie

    Beautiful Wade
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    Hello...I'm new here...a few of my Neo-tribal attempts

    I like them both...look to be very handy.
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    A Big Integral Bush

    Beautiful Tai...I love the flowing lines on this one.
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    Simple and clean...very nice Jeremiah.