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    Knives from band saw blades

    I guess it just depends on the blade. Ed
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    Love knives...

    Welcome to the KD community. Ed
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    Customer just doesn't get it - Heat Treat

    He likely won't know the difference. Those might be numbers he has heard and has no idea what they really mean. Ed
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    Clip Point Hunter

    Looks great, love the blade finish and shape. Ed
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    What's going on in your shop?

    I would LOVE to have that problem, I keep dreaming of one of them. what brand ect is it? Ed
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    Greetings from Chico California

    Good looking knife. Well done especially for a first knife. Ed
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    John Doyle featured in Blade Magazine

    Congratulations, I understand very well why they picked you. I always perk up when I see your knives. Ed
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    Greetings from Chico California

    Welcome to KD. We would like it if you post a pic of your knife. Ed
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    Get organized! My spin on a 2x72 belt rack.

    Thanks I need one of them. I just need to learn to work that fast. Ed
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    One of mine in Blade.

    :35: Glad to hear that Calvin. I can see why. Ed
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    Bronze beauty.

    Sweet Calvin, looks like it would just belong in your pocket. Ed
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    Forged Hunter with Buckeye Burl

    The look of your knives is something I look forward to on KD. Ed
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    Any use for steel scrap?

    Forge weld it all together and make some old time damascus. Ed
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    My first knife

    Great work. Ed
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    Antonin Scalia

    Good reminder thanks Ed