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    Eternal10, you are welcome to knifedogs. Did you mean by PA is Palo Alto?. I think HP computer company's headquarters situated there. Have you been to HP hq by any chance?.
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    new guy

    Welcome,curtlong!! Then you have come to the right place.
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    Hello From John Robson Of RPW Knives

    John you are welcome. I saw you are the Owner of RPW knives. In your office do you have titanium knives and diamond knives?
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    Types of edges?

    CattleMaster247,one thing I do not understand,what is sharpening bug?.
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    What thickness,Titanium and steel?

    Keith Willis,I think SBuzek is right. But if you want to cut harder you can also use Diamond knife. Check the following link.
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    Cutting Pyroceramic Glass?

    ddavelarsen,I think you can cut Pyroceramic Glass.Check this link. Check the following link!! rhinoknives,Wow,you should play rugger,american football or wrestling.
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    3rd Annual Hammer and Folder In Scheduled for 2013

    Is there any vacant place for one?
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    Latest Net blog write-up on Rhino Knives & Wesside Sharpening & Cutlery Center.

    Laurence Segal,It seems you have a good Cutlery store. I like to give our mother a sharp meat cutting knife. So she can use it to cut meat efficiently whenever possible. Do you have Ulu knives in the store?. If you have how much one Ulu knife?
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    Knifemakers Guild Show

    Where I can meet you to get the pass?
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    Stabilizing Wood - Setting up and testing - Cactus Juice and Ultraseal

    Hey BossDog, did you mention same tank in this link?
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    Pictures and videos from 2nd Annual KD and hammer in...

    That is a nice video.From where can we buy Atlas Mini Etcher in India?