Damascus Hunter EDC Beautiful Buckeye Burl!

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Damascus Hunter, HHH Knives is proud to offer this handmade custom knife for your consideration. OAL, 7 3/4 inches HHH Damascus 3 1/2" cutting edge handle. 3/16 thick tang with convex grind .
Handles are stabilized Buckeye Burl. Ok so these are not your ordinary Buckeye!!! These are exhibition grade if there ever was such a thing! These are spectacular and full of figure and eyes, with Rich color and contrast! With extreme figure! Beautiful stuff! No matter how nice it looks here, in the hand its just Spectacular! This wood has been professionally stabilized and has 6 coats of hand rubbed finish.
Handles attached with 1/4 inch Mosaic pins with stainless lanyard tube..
Custom leather sheath By CT included.
Extras, Filework, Para cord lanyard with grenade style slider lock and emergency whistle end piece. Super cool and extra loud.

SOLD Thanks KD! delivered. USA. overseas delivery available. please contact for shipping quote. Paypal is preferred. But will accept USPS money orders.

This one is posted on multiple sites first Ill take it by time stamp gets this beauty!


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Not only a nice looker, the blade style and grind are excellent and should work to be a good skinner and utility knife.
Thanks Guys, Im digging the whistle and cord lock lanyard setup.I got them from Boss! its like the king of small edc/woods knives and i gotta say this one is my favorite.
The knife is awesome and the sheath is a work of art. You hit this one out of the ballpark too Randy. I don't know where you get your wood, but it is a great source. You better keep that under your hat.
Keep em comin'
Cal he gets it from a tree.....in the woods......

Really great knife and sheath combo Randy. Love the bat file work.
LOL Thank you Mr Hoover! now I just need to find this one a new home! so I can stop feeding the kids Ramon for dinner! :)
That is so freaking nice!! I sure wish it was within my budget, I'd be on it like stink on poo poo!
Man do I wish that was within my budget!! It is one great looking knife. It sure is the shits to be on a declining income. Retirement really sucks !
Received the kinfe today. It is absolutelt terrific. It is far more than I expected. Fits my hand perfectly. A totaly awesome knife! I can't say enough good about HHH and the quality of the knife!! This is going to be my goto knife, even though it is almost to nice to use!!

Thank you DaGriz! :) Use it in good heath. and sir, please dont be afraid to USE it.. Thats what its designed for! To be a user. and a darn nice one at that!

God Bless YA!