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    Seeing double. MTF folders!

    Here are a couple of my MTF folders. The last 2 of this design. MTF2 is in process and I will be making a few small changes to the design. Im excited to do another batch of folders this year! These are both Tribal pattern damascus with African Black Wood bolsters. and one is Snake wood and...
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    Feather damascus Petty Knife.

    Heres one We just finished up. 6" blade 1080 and 15n20 High Carbon damascus OAL. 280mm , 11" Blade: 152mm, 6" 32mm tall at the heel. 2mm above the heel, tapering to the tip. 1.5mm at halfway point. .73mm approx. 1 inch behind the tip. Handle: 115mm, 4.5" Blackwood and mammoth ivory. ...
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    Forging Feather!

    Well guys and gals, I just wanted to show ya what Jr has been working on.. Every year we make a list of things we hope to do, short term and long tern. I find it to be a good way to have a checks and balance on our progress. This year, Jr. said he wanted to forge feather pattern.. Talk...
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    Sub Hilt Fighter By HHH Knives

    Heres one I just got back and I wanted to share a pic B4 I send it out to get some "REAL" pics taken by Kayla.. Its firestorm pattern damascus with Nickel silver hardware, file work, mosaic pins, Stabilized Burl handles with Musk Ox horn. Engraved by Doug Sutherland. Hand made leather cross...
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    Damascus and Mammoth Ivory custom.

    HHH Knives Damascus folder. Tight twist Damascus blade, bolsters, and back spacer. Forged by Randy Jr of HHH Knives!! With Jewel inset thumb stud. File worked inside and out.. Some amazing Fossil Mammoth Ivory Handles.. Its substantial feeling yet not bulky or heavy! One of the finest...
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    Damascus Hunter EDC Beautiful Buckeye Burl!

    Damascus Hunter, HHH Knives is proud to offer this handmade custom knife for your consideration. OAL, 7 3/4 inches HHH Damascus 3 1/2" cutting edge handle. 3/16 thick tang with convex grind . Handles are stabilized Buckeye Burl. Ok so these are not your ordinary Buckeye!!! These are exhibition...
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    Rare and Beautiful Diamond Willow Burl Damascus Hunting Knife

    Red Hawk Hunter, By HHH Knives. HHH Knives is proud to offer this handmade custom knife for your consideration. OAL, 8 1/2 inches HHH Damascus 3 3/4" cutting edge handle. 3/16 thick tapered tang with convex grind blade. Damascus was forged by Randy Jr.. And is called Zebra.. Handles are...
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    Wicked cool Damascus sharp finger.

    HHH Sharp finger! HHH Knives is proud to offer this handmade custom knife for your consideration. OAL, 7 1/2 inches HHH Damascus 3 1/2 from tip to handle. 3/16+ full tang, convex ground blade. Handles are Emerald green stabilized birch burl. Theres alot of rays and movement.. Pics just cant...