Wicked cool Damascus sharp finger.

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HHH Sharp finger! HHH Knives is proud to offer this handmade custom knife for your consideration.
OAL, 7 1/2 inches HHH Damascus 3 1/2 from tip to handle. 3/16+ full tang, convex ground blade.
Handles are Emerald green stabilized birch burl. Theres alot of rays and movement.. Pics just cant capture the beauty of this wood.. No matter how nice it looks here, in the hand its MIND BLOWING!
1/4 inch 416 Stainless pins, with stainless and brass star mosaic. Custom leather sheath By JT included.

SOLD, Thanks KD!!!

delivered to US.. I will ship overseas, Please contact for sipping quote.
This o 0ne wont last long! First Ill take it gets it!


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OK how about some feedback from you guys.. Whats wrong with this piece? whats right with it? etc..
Thats a great looking knife Randy, I would love to own it.
I have to wonder if the green in the handle is why you still have it , or maybe because it dosent have a thong hole.......IDK. People are funny about what they want and like.
I sure as heck dont see anything wrong with it.