Doc Holiday WIP


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Havnt done a wip in a while so I thought I would do one on this knife as I'm doing a couple of things for the first time.
Frame handle and using S grade ivory substitute. So I forged the blade from 1084 bar stock cleaned it up and heat treated it,finish ground and hand sanded to 2000 grit then hit it with the buffer, the top sledge is ground to zero so its sharp. Next will be guard and spacer then the frame handle.I will be using S grade ivory substitute so that the blade will be legal in all states and will be scrimshawing a image of Doc Holiday played by Val Kilmer on one side and a smoking double barrel shotgun broken open on the other side. FB_IMG_1549935566511.jpg FB_IMG_1549935574283.jpg FB_IMG_1549935579846.jpg FB_IMG_1549935584155.jpg FB_IMG_1549935590142.jpg
Looks great. What are the dimensions going to be.
The blade is 9 1/4 long and 1 5/8 at its widest ,it measures a hair over 5/32 thick at the recoso for a fast blade with a distal taper.Thats considered thin by today's standards seems everyone wants a chopper but in reality the fighters and bowies of old were not thick heavy blades. I think when its complete it should be around 14 inches in total length.